Post-Doc Opportunity @ Catholic University of Louvain

The Research Center in Demography and Societies of the Catholic University of Louvain – Belgium ( informs you of the launch of the call for postdoc fellowships by the Academy Louvain ( These fellowships – for a period of 12 to 24 months – are addressed to researchers who have not stayed or worked in Belgium more than 12 months over the last 3 years. The call is also open to people completing their PhD in the coming months.

All information on this call and the application forms are available in the attached documents.

– (French version)

– (English version)

The application for a postdoctoral fellowship needs to be supported by the research center in which the applicant intends to work. The Research Center in Demography and Societies offers to support postdoctoral candidates on the following topics:

Internal and international migrations

– Patterns, causes and consequences of migrations between Africa and Europe (MAFE project) – Prof. Bruno Schoumaker

– Comparative analysis and modeling of migration and mortality interactions using data from Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems – Prof. P. Bocquier

– Migrants’ health follow-up : design and analysis of objective and subjective health indicators among migrants before and after their migration (data to be collected through Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems) – Prof. P. Bocquier

– Analysis of interactions between migration and fertility in Belgium (retrospective individual data from population censuses) – Prof. T. Eggerickx

– Residential trajectories of Belgian baby boomers and post baby-boom generations – Prof. T. Eggerickx

Fertility and family

– Religiosity and fertility – Prof. E. Rizzi

– Explaining the stalling gender revolution – Prof. E. Rizzi

– Life course events and well-being – Prof. E. Rizzi


– Reconstruction of fertility trends in developing countries in the presence of large measurement errors – Prof. B. Schoumaker

– Unconventional approaches to estimating adult mortality in countries with deficient demographic data – Prof. B. Masquelier

– Contrôle de l’attrition non-aléatoire dans les analyses biographiques de données d’observatoires de population : – Prof. P. Bocquier

– Event history modeling controlling for non-random attrition to produce demographic estimates net of migration effect using data from Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems – Prof. P. Bocquier

Ageing and intergenerational relations

– Dependency of elderly people in Europe: institutional, formal and informal support – Prof. C. Gourbin

Intergenerational downward ties – Prof. E. Rizzi

Demographic transitions

– Comparative analysis and spatial modeling of long-term demographic and urban transitions in Belgium, Quebec, France, Japan and other countries – Prof. P. Bocquier

– Comparative analysis of fertility decline in the French and Belgian cities (1870-1940) (retrospective individual data from population censuses) – prof. T. Eggerickx

Population and environment

– Projections of households and simulation of production and consumption of household energy (solar panels, private wind turbines, geothermal etc.).. – Prof. F. Bartiaux  & B. Schoumaker

Interested candidates are invited to follow this procedure:

For Friday, September 7, 2012: send a CV (first three pages of the attached form) and a preliminary project (1 page), preferably on one of the topics suggested above. This should be sent via email to Applicants are also invited to contact the person responsible for the research topic (see for contacts).

– Tuesday, September 11: shortlisted candidates will be informed by the research center.

– September 12 to October 1: Preparation of application, with the support of the research center.

October 1, 2012: deadline for submission of applications by the Academy Louvain.

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